Today in the world an unprecedented number of people is forced to flee from violence and persecution. Millions of families no longer have a home and find themselves forced to live in refugee camps or in unacceptable conditions in the peripheral areas of urban contexts.

The project Rothko in Lampedusa is combined with a special fundraising initiative for the installation in Niger, Chad, Iraq and Tanzania of Refugee Housing Units (RHU), advanced housing solutions, the result of a research and development project undertaken by the Swedish Industrial Design Foundation with the UNHCR, thanks to the support of the IKEA Foundation. The RHUs, composed of a skeleton in light steel and panels in polymeric material, are equipped with internal dividing walls, doors and windows, an insulating floor, a solar powered unit. They can accommodate up to 5 people each. Each RHU costs 1,200 euros and is designed to last three years if basic maintenance is provided. It is therefore a cost-effective solution to help families who have had to leave their homes.
UNHCR is grateful to the partners who have chosen to donate RHU to refugees in Niger.

The project Rothko in Lampedusa supports the distribution of Refugee Housing Units, providing safe and dignified housing for refugees. Contribute yourself
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